Elder Scrolls Online’s Firesong DLC and Update 36 are live for PC players


It’s DLC week in The Elder Scrolls Online world as Firesong officially launched for PC last night, bringing the 2022 Legacy of the Bretons plotline to a close. Firesong sends players to the Galen zone, where they’ll be questing their way through the map and trying to sort out the factional squabbles that beset the island.

“The untamed island of Galen, home to the druidic circles of the Systres Archipelago, is mired in chaos,” ZOS says. “The Breton city of Vastyr suffers unrelenting raids from Dreadsail pirates, while the Firesong Circle has started a war between the druids of the Systres. In this new story DLC, you will venture into the heart of a primeval new zone, assist the noble Society of the Steadfast and House Mornard, and uncover the forces and motives behind the chaos that has engulfed the island before it encompasses all the Systres.”

ZeniMax has also released the free Update 36 patch for all players alongside the DLC; it includes a range of quality-of-life upgrades and fixes, including target markers, text-to-speech, furnishing lists, and pet hiding. “No longer will your crafting station be blocked by an unwelcome bear butt!” the studio promises. Housing fans will definitely want to scope out the changes:

“In particular, the Housing improvements feature the ability to create chat links within your homes, provides greater visibility as to whose house you’re currently visiting and how many people are currently present, grants the ability to see a full list of furnishings within a home, allows you to cycle through items with the Tab key, and implements improved placement alignments for hundreds of different wall-hanging furnishings.”

As always, console players will be sitting out the launch until their turn on November 15th.

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