The Elder Scrolls Online highlights a quintet of experiences you should seek out when the High Isles arrive

Well, that is definitely a sight.

Are you excited about touring High Isle in The Elder Scrolls Online? Well why not? Are you afraid of the zones? You don’t have to be; there’s fun stuff going on there. See, the official site has even put together a highlight reel of five things players can look forward to in the zone, and one of them is even just kicking back and watching ornaugs jump in the water while on a sightseeing tour. Who needs to resort to violence to have a good time?

That’s not to say you won’t have plenty of reasons to resort to violence. Like, one of the other big events to look forward to is fighting the Glemyos Wildhorn as a world boss, and that’s not a conflict that’s going to be resolved with harsh language. Similarly, you can plunder Ghost Haven Bay, and “plunder” usually involves a bit more violence than sightseeing. But hey, that should just tell you how diverse your adventures can be in the High Isles. There, you see? Excitement! It’s already on the test server and releases on June 6th on PC, with the prologue quest currently live.

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