The Elder Scrolls Online previews the literal and political landscapes of High Isle’s Systres Archipelago


Players of Elder Scrolls Online are headed to a land that’s completely new to the series’ overall fiction when the High Isle chapter arrives on June 6th, so it’s probably a good idea for those players to get the lay of the land. To that point, the devs have offered up a preview post that showcases the new Systres Archipelago zone, covering the locations, the people, and the politics that await there.

The post talks up the developers’ desire to make “a colorful new environment that captured the medieval elements of the chivalric Bretons,” with inspiration from Mediterranean coastlines and the motif of Breton culture as the zone design’s guiding lights. It’s not all medieval stonework and bleached coasts, though, as the prison island of Amenos holds seedier elements as well as lush flora cultivated by the druidic people that live there.

Since High Isle will feature a story involving political intrigue and an attempt to stop the Three Banners War, the post also offers a rundown of the chivalric noble houses that hold sway in the archipelago’s court. The land prides itself on neutrality in relation to the ongoing war, but there’s plenty of maneuvering within the distinct court of the Bretons. Of course, there’s also plenty of dangerous fauna to contend with, such as volcanic creatures and dangerous crustacean monsters.

For those eager to check out this new island (without going into the ongoing test), this official primer could prove interesting.

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