The Elder Scrolls Online introduces players to the High Isle chapter’s philanthropic Society of the Steadfast


Sure, fighting a war in the fiction of The Elder Scrolls Online can be fun from a gameplay standpoint, but the game’s lore is also taking into account the human cost of the Three Banners War. This brings us to the Society of the Steadfast, a sort of medieval fantasy Red Cross founded by a wealthy philanthropist, and the subject of a lore book preview from the MMORPG’s High Isle update.

The Society was formed by Lord Bacaro Volorus, who threw his prodigious wealth towards aiding refugees and soldiers as a way to process his grief for losing his partner and children in the fighting. This group establishes healing pavilions for the wounded, distributes food and water to the hungry, and provides whatever other aid it can to those affected by war regardless of faction affiliation, and while its members hold no religious affiliation, they are noted as being inspired by the teachings of Stendarr.

This particular faction will be one of those players will meet when the High Isle chapter releases on June 6th to PC. In the meantime, players can get themselves acquainted by reading a lore dump.

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