New World begins testing musical instruments and Barnacles & Black Powder expedition


As promised, New World’s public test realm opens up today at 1 p.m. EDT, setting up chunks of the game’s next update for player testing. The highlight of this update is Summer Medleyfaire, both a summer event and a content hub that introduces music to the gameworld.

“Musical Instruments are a rhythm-action based trade skill coming to Aeternum that make the world a stage! There are 5 instruments for players to pick up and learn, plus an initial 31 songs to collect and master! You can play solo, or as a group with up to 5 Adventurers. These musical instruments include: Guitar, Mandolin, Upright Bass, Drums, Azoth Flute. Songs are unlocked by salvaging pages hidden throughout Aeternum. Complete the Summer Medleyfaire quests to earn a special set of pages and starter instruments. Better instruments can be crafted through the Furnishing trade skill. Furnishing can also roll new Music trade skill specific perks. Press the F5 key to initiate a performance. Each one will reward players with trade skill XP and various buffs. Better performances receive stronger buffs and more trade skill XP. Spectators enjoying the show will also receive a buff and can toss a coin to the performers as a tip.”

The buffs are nothing to sneeze at; they touch on gathering speed, encumbrance, territory standing bonuses, group experience, gathering yield, and gathering luck.

Over the course of the PTR rollout, Amazon will also be testing the new Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, new mutations, the expedition group finder, the removal of expedition tuning orbs, an overhaul of expedition and chest loot, the perk rebalance, the salvage adjustments, reductions to gathering experience, and plenty more.

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