Swords of Legends Online deploys its latest patch with more story, new zones, and added instances

Swingy and choppy.

Could someone politely let the team behind Swords of Legends Online know that you’re allowed to have a website article be long? It can even be quite long, you don’t have to put your patch notes behind a PDF that isn’t even manually linked in the article. But hey, the important thing is that the game’s most recent patch is live, right? And it’s quite a patch, bringing with it new story for players to explore with 195 gear waiting at the end of the story.

Players can also move through the new areas of Dragonstar District and the Realm of Light, with the latter apparently being a bit on the rainy side. (The patch notes recommend an umbrella.) More instance-focused players will also get something new with the addition of the Three-Legged-Sea and the Wild Demon Isle, both available in normal mode. Check out the full patch notes on the official site or just dive in and get playing. Whatever makes you happiest.

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