Lost Ark KR announces the new Aeromancer class and a collab with The Witcher 3

Smack 'em with my umbrella, ella, ella, ey, ey


One usually doesn’t equate paper parasols with deadly weaponry, but the Korean version of Lost Ark is going to change that line of thinking with help from the new Aeromancer class, which was previewed by the devs during the LOA ON Summer event for the ARPG.

The Aeromancer basically uses the parasol in her hand like a magic focus, dishing out wind-based attacks (obviously) that appears to primarily apply in areas of effect or in cones. Much of the class’ attacks also look like they strike multiple times, which certainly fits the thematic idea of buffeting winds. The Aeromancer makes her way to Korean players on Wednesday, July 6th.

The game’s announcement event was also the perfect place to pull the curtains off of a collaboration with The Witcher 3. information about what this collab will entail wasn’t elaborated upon, but it is expected to arrive to the Korean version of the game sometime this winter. Obviously, these announcements are Korea-specific, meaning there’s no timelines for when these features will make their way to the west, but fans can at least get some previews.

source: YouTube (1, 2) via Reddit (1, 2)
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