Sea of Thieves launches its latest Adventure and summarizes its ongoing murder mystery


Sure, the July 21st update that’s coming to Sea of Thieves might be a bigger deal, but there are still things for the pirates of the sandbox to dig into in the meantime.

For the past few weeks, players have been following a mystery involving the murder of DeMarco, and Rare saw fit to round up the events up to this point in case players haven’t been following along while also providing a new clue that names a suspect simply known as T.

Meanwhile, the game is rolling forward with its latest Adventure, The Forsaken Hunter, where players have to track down a mysterious masked figure in the hopes of finding the vanished Merrick. This limited-time content still has some time left on its clock, running until Thursday, July 14th. The devs also came together in a podcast to talk about creating the Season 7 announcement song along with the Lost Sands event and the ongoing mystery.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
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