Sea of Thieves patches in a new Golden Sands outpost, teases its next adventure and Season 7 details


The actions of Sea of Thieves players have had their consequences, as players have come together to save the Golden Sands outpost, meaning that it is now back open for business in the title’s latest patch.

The New Golden Sands (which is its official name) is slowly recovering from the events of the last adventure as the fog lifts, rebuilding begins, and trading resumes. The patch notes additionally promise that more will change over time at the location, as the Pirate Lord and traders of the island will protect it from future threats. This patch has otherwise introduced some new prehistoric-themed cosmetics to the cash shop, closed an exploit tied to Emissaries and the Tunnel of the Damned, and made some improvements to skeleton forts among other things.

The devs also put out a news digest video showcasing this patch’s cash shop goodies, confirming that more details about July 21st’s Season 7 captaincy features will start being shared next month, and announcing the Forsaken Hunter adventure that will run between June 30th and July 14th.

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