Bungie talks up the return of Freelance Trials of Osiris to Destiny 2 as it sues a DMCA troll for $7.6M


For those who want to take on the Trials of Osiris PvP mode in Destiny 2 but don’t really feel like forming a group, there’s good news for you: Freelance mode is making a comeback, letting solo players join in on the competitive PvP mode this coming weekend. “Whether you’re playing for engrams or playing for that coveted Lighthouse spot, you’ll have another shot at both,” the game’s weekly post lauds.

The same newsletter also nods in the direction of a development in the DMCA takedowns of official Destiny music videos, which readers will recall affected fans and Bungie alike. Initially, Bungie had filed a suit against 10 unnamed individuals, but now the lawsuit has pared the case down to one person: Nick Minor, who now is facing a $7.6M lawsuit from Bungie. Allegedly, Minor engaged in his DMCA campaign in retaliation for Bungie taking down unauthorized Destiny music uploads to his own YouTube channel.

In spite of the DMCA troll being identified, Bungie beseeches players in its weekly address to not harass, attack, or “pile on” to the defendant, citing that doing so could harm the legal team’s ability to correct the matter. “We have your backs on this and will make sure this individual meets with the future they deserve,” the post assures. “Much though we appreciate the sentiment, we aren’t asking for your help in making that happen.”

In other Destiny 2 development-facing news, Bungie is offering a look at the mindset of “strong ideas, loosely held” – a design ethos that tries to recognize that good ideas can come from anyone in the studio, appreciate when the team gets it wrong, and believe that a group reaching a solution together is a metric for success.

sources: official site (1, 2), Kotaku
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