Magic Legends’ former character artist shares some unreleased concept art


Last year we bid farewell to Magic Legends, a multiplayer OARPG from Cryptic based on the popular TCG. At the time of the closure, the studio admitted that the game “missed the mark” and that creation of the game would be used as a learning opportunity for future title developments.

While we may never know what could have been for this particular title, we are getting a little peek behind the curtain thanks to Principal Character Artist Mashru Mishu, who shared several unreleased concept art works on ArtStation. According to Mishu’s post, his primary duties while working on the game involved establishing the look, style, and technical specifications for all of the game’s human bodies, as well as creation of a werewolf and goblin monster.

For those who miss this game, this big gallery of character art will either bring back fond memories or pick at a scab, but if nothing else we can all enjoy some extremely talented character art.

source: ArtStation via Reddit
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