Ride the sandboxy space rails in Astroneer’s latest patch


System Era Softworks is promoting Astroneer’s new train-filled patch as an alternative to driving dunebuggies into canyons and carting resources on your back, but really, I think trains are just going to be a new way for me to die – a very slick and fun way, of course.

“EXO Dynamics is proud to introduce the brand new Rails System! The Rails System brings a new mode of transportation to Astroneer that excels at efficiency and convenience. Place rail posts to build out your rail lines, and then board the new railway vehicles for a hands-free transit experience. And unlike other vehicles, railway vehicles can travel autonomously, perfect for extending the reach of your automation network. But that’s not all: rail lines themselves carry both oxygen and power, making them an excellent way to connect together distant bases and excavation sites like never before!”

The patch notes on the official site detail the multiple types of rail cars players can build and then string together between junctions and stations; there’s even a storyline with midgame missions revolving around the new trains.

Switch owners, you’ll be waiting until next week for your ride on the rails, but for everyone else, the patch is live now. And conveniently, the game is currently $14.99 on Steam.

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