PlanetSide 2’s latest PC hotfix addresses particle effect framerate drops and client crashes


If you’re a PC player of PlanetSide 2 who has been experiencing some performance problems with the online shooter recently, there’s some potential good news for you: The devs have released a hotfix that zeroes in on a number of issues affecting framerate, game client stability, and other general gameplay fixes.

One of the larger pieces of this patch is related to a fix for framerate issues when certain particle effects go off. Another big fix is for the game client becoming unresponsive when loading into the game. The rest of the hotfix stops explosives from dealing damage through spawn room shields, makes sure C4 blows up floating things appropriately, and updates a tooltip associated with Outfit Wars among other things.

The particle effect framerate fix was applied as a client-only update, while the rest of the patch went out earlier today, which means that pretty sparkly effects should now no longer mean that your PC’s framerate suffers. After all, what good is showering yourself in the sparks of your enemy’s defeat if it bogs things down?

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