Fractured Online provides a glimpse at the creation of a continent


Fans of Fractured Online who are interested in the lands of the Wildfolk race or just like to see game dev happen before their eyes might be interested in the game’s latest video, which features Dynamight CEO Jacopo Gallelli showing off the creation of Terra, a continent in the planet that the race inhabits, while also highlighting the game’s mapmaking tool.

Gallelli walks through the features of the continent and the software being used to build it as he details heightmaps, talks about roads, places objects, and elaborates on features and locations of the continent. Creation of Terra is done with a combination of tool-assisted generation and hand-built features, like the given example of a nearby island that houses bandits. “This is probably going to be one of the best looking areas that we’ve ever made,” said Gallelli.

Fractured Online is planning a September 15th early access launch, which will include the aforementioned Wildfolk race, but until then players can get a look at how continents form in the video below.

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