Arby’s is bizarrely promoting Guild Wars 2’s 10th anniversary and we’re here for it


We have certainly seen some deeply weird stuff in the MMO industry over the years — so much so that we have silly end-of-year awards celebrating these goofy moments of history. So we don’t even blink when we see a roast beef fast food chain give a shout-out to an MMORPG on its Twitter account.

Yes indeed: Arby’s tipped its hat to Guild Wars 2 this past week to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. The account posted an image of the End of Dragons logo done up in ketchup surrounded by Arby’s crinkle fries (although we all know that the curly fries are where it’s at). Fans were immediately tickled and bewildered, as is fitting such an event.

This isn’t the first time that Arby’s showed Guild Wars 2 some love, as it made a Rytlock out of a roast beef sammy back in 2018.

Source: Twitter
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