Nexon’s latest cross-platform PC and mobile MMORPG Heroes of Incredible Tales 2 releases in South Korea


Last September we reported on the arrival of Heroes of Incredible Tales 2, a cross-platform PC and mobile MMORPG from publisher Nexon and developer NAT Games, and a sequel to the mobile ARPG Heroes of Incredible Tales. Little was known about the game except for the promise of a scaled-up experience from the original title and plans to release globally at some point in the future.

While that global release still has no firm date, what has happened in terms of launching is the game’s arrival to its native South Korea. The announcement not only lauds the game’s launch in the region but also talks up additional features like an Alternative Alter that allows players to vote and decide the rules of the game and integration of a creator sponsorship program to download new content from independent developers. The launch of the MMORPG has also come with a new cinematic trailer that can be watched below.

source: press release
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