Albion Online’s next GvG season begins September 17 – here are the start times and updates


Apparently the guilds of Albion Online will never get along. How do I come to that conclusion? Because the game is going to ocne again start its GvG season – the game’s seventeenth such clash – on Saturday, September 17th, and it’s pretty hard to think guilds will play nice after seventeen different guild-wide wars.

As usual, this new season will see some adjustments to the proceedings, like new sub-steps added to the Crystal Arena rankings, headquarter boosters now being handed to guilds at the start of the season (as well as featuring a 90-day cooldown), and tweaks to open world treasure chests that sees large chests spawn less frequently but stuffed with better loot and smaller chests now taking three minutes to unlock instead of five.

The season’s kickoff will once more see territories reset, followed by the start of scoring on Sunday, the beginning of territory battles on Monday, and two more Invasion Days held on Saturday, October 15th, and Saturday, November 12th. After that, territory scoring ends on December 3rd and the first 5v5 Crystal League matches begin on the following Sunday, December 4th. Players who want to follow along with the new season of hostility will want to check the season synopsis and the schedule for more.

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