Rift Sweepers is a co-op third-person shooter headed to early access September 8


It’s time once again for the multiplayer shooter sub-genre to get a fresh early access addition. This time we’re taking a look at Rift Sweepers, an over-the-shoulder action shooter from publisher/developer Jofsoft that pits teams of up to four players against things that need to be shot. If that sounds pretty straightforward, that’s because it is if the game’s official blurb is anything to go by.

“In this game, players are going to be a Rift Sweeper to protect the world by traveling between many dimensions. […] In this game, you’ll meet numerous enemies. Players have to avoid their attacks and find the enemy’s weak point to kill them.”

The task of killing enemies involves players taking up one of four different classes – a rapid-hitting rifleman, a sniper-like sharpshooter, the minigun-toting demolition (yes that’s it’s name), and the support-focused engineer. Players will want to consider having a balanced team makeup to clear missions, which will involve clearing a list of objectives.

Rift Sweepers is eyeing an early access release on Thursday, September 8th, while its full release is planned for March 2023 according to its Steam page.

sources: Steam, YouTube
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