Ravendawn posts the patch notes for its upcoming September closed beta test


Last week, Ravendawn was promising an action-packed two months, and this week they’re starting to deliver if you equate action with reading patch notes for the game’s September closed beta. And even if that isn’t your idea of action, well you’re getting patch notes anyway. So nyeh.

The notes offer up a detailed look at the features of the September beta, including new animations for characters, new reputation items, a farming-related gathering minigame, the ability to breed animals, and a series of new quests in the Glaceforde region. The devs have also been shoring up Ravendawn’s backend, improving the layering system of the game, while AI updates have also been made to creatures’ spellcasting. The notes also confirm a reworking of archetype spells and ravencards, which will be expanded upon in a separate note before closed beta begins.

An exact date for when closed beta starts still isn’t locked down yet, but players can be assured it will be in September, and they can look through the patch notes to get the lay of the land before then.

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