Ravendawn teases ‘action-packed’ autumn with closed beta and new demo


The upcoming months of September and October are going to be “enormous” and “action-packed” if the devs of the Open Tibia-built MMO Ravendawn are to be believed. A breathlessly excited tweet from the game is heralding September and October as particularly busy for the in-development title.

Most of the promised action will be happening in September. That’s when the game will offer up a free demo, update content for Ravenidle, and perhaps more importantly, enter into a closed beta; signups for that beta are offered on its website. As for October, the game will have a presence at this year’s Brazil Game Show.

For those who haven’t been following along, Ravendawn is a pixel-art MMO built on the Open Tibia engine. The game’s initial reveal in 2021 sparked the ever-dry tinderbox of Reddit, with users accusing the game of being a Tibia rip-off. Despite the caterwauling, the game has been progressing through its various alpha stages, with its final alpha kicking off in July, and the devs have put out video highlights like pre-alpha gameplay footage and a sizzle reel.

source: Twitter
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