Chimeraland promises to improve localization, smooth its power level curve, and add cross-server matching


Our time in Chimeraland for Choose My Adventure was wild and wooly indeed, but also one that could benefit from a lot of refinement. Luckily for fans, the devs of the survival sandbox appear to be aware of these needs and have outlined upcoming development plans designed to improve the game.

The post leads off with a promise that cross-server matchmaking for team-based activities is in the works, as well as the addition of more MMO-leaning activities like dungeons, PvP events, and battlefields.

The devs also note that they are going to make localization improvements a priority to help make the UI easier to understand. Additional language support is also coming, with Spanish and Portuguese integration already in the works.

Overall game flow will be improved, with the devs promising more child beasts to devour as well as more weapon and item drops to help players earn power more easily There are also plans for a refined tutorial guide to make the game easier to play, unspecified improvements to limit tedium and grind, and some catch-up systems added in the future. Players can also expect to see continued crackdown on cheaters.

None of these updates has any sort of timeline necessarily, but the team is at least aware of what needs to be done.

source: Twitter
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