Lord of the Rings Online tests new Minstrel changes, monster play on Bullroarer


Lord of the Rings Online players have a few more days to check out the upcoming patch 33.2 as the revised version is now back in testing on the Bullroarer server – and if you’re unhappy about the abrupt and massive Minstrel overhaul, you might want to do just that, as we spy several additional changes.

Minstrels already knew that the the Protector of Song trait line can no longer be specialized-in, that the associated yellow traits that weren’t deleted outright are cheaper, and that Call to Greatness has been completely redesigned. The new in-testing tweaks are centered on anthems and ballads; anthems are now combat-only with shorter durations and fast activation, while ballads are now fast skills and swap reduced power cost for incoming healing. There’s still a dazzling list of changes for remaining traits and stance-based skills.

Monster play fans will likely also be happy to see nice buffs for the monster classes, above and beyond the generalized buffs from the last test version.┬áBut personally, I’m just clinging to this older note: “Added new cosmetic items for barter for the 2022 Fall Festival.”

Source: LOTRO
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