Star Wars Galaxies Legends has officially kicked off its 2022 abandoned housing pack-up event


Star Wars Galaxies deals with packing up abandoned player structures a bit differently. Instead of simply bundling up buildings and making them disappear from the map, the game instead had players hunt down flagged buildings and call in Imperial airstrikes to blow them up (which is all purely visual; the structures are condensed into the owner’s datapad). The event is called the Galactic Vacant Building Demolition Movement, and the Legends rogue server has already kicked off the event.

The demo/pack-up event works very similarly to last year’s: Players can use the claim menu to get an item to join in, hunt down as many as 10 abandoned houses per account per day, and then call in the aforementioned bombing run, getting tokens that can be used to purchase unique decorations along the way.

The event once more has no end date as there are 11,125 abandoned buildings that players are being tasked with finding, so there’s likely still lots of time to help the Empire clear out potential Rebel hiding places and watch houses explode while doing so.

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