Blizzard is considering WoW Classic Cataclysm, according to new survey


We are not even to the official launch of Wrath Classic, but Blizzard Entertainment apparently is already considering the next steps for the legacy version of the MMO.

According to a survey sent out by Blizzard, the company may indeed be considering a Cataclysm Classic in the future. Among the questions are a few pointed at the much-derided expansion that, for many, marked the end of the old version of the game and the start of the modern era.

Some of the questions include asking how familiar survey takers were with Cataclysm, feedback on that expansion’s features and systems, whether they’d subscribe for it, and how interested they’d be to play a WoW Classic expansion with those features. There was also an option for survey takers to provide one word to describe a hypothetical Cataclysm Classic.

Blizzard also provided a field asking players what they’d want as the next expansion after Wrath Classic: Cataclysm without any changes, a new Season of Mastery, Cataclysm with changes, no expectations, or none of the above.

Source: Wowhead via PCGamesN
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