Elite Dangerous rolls back a hotfix after it compounds 4.0’s existing stability problems and crashes


The 4.0 update for Elite: Dangerous that went out earlier this week was intended to make the game more stable. It didn’t, and a hotfix that rolled out to address an issue made things worse, forcing Frontier Developments to roll the fix in question back.

Shortly after the update went live, FDev put out a hotfix for the game to address a lighting issue. Shortly afterwards, reports of crashes started cropping up that PC players compiled temporary fixes for, causing the devs to open up a rolling update thread to keep players informed of the team’s work.

The last posting made yesterday confirmed the hotfix as the root cause and announced that it was being rolled back, as well as confirming that the problem won’t be addressed until sometime this Tuesday as a result of the long weekend in the UK for Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral. “Your communication today has been ever outstanding, despite the frustration many of you will have faced. It’s much appreciated,” closes the post.

sources: twitter, official forums (1, 2, 3). Thanks Stuart!
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