ArcheAge 2 confirms PC and console versions, action combat, and non-linear progression


In case the earlier gameplay video from ArcheAge 2 wasn’t already a clue, the developing MMORPG will have a pretty wide open space and some generally active combat mechanics. That’s been confirmed in a follow-up video with executive producer Jake Song, who contextualizes what was shown in the gameplay trailer and offers a few extra details on top.

Song opens up by confirming that AA2 is being developed for both PC and consoles on Unreal Engine 5, while also talking up the game’s focus on AAA visuals and active combat. Song also remarks that there will be a seamless open world to explore and that character progression will be non-linear. Changes to the trade system and housing features found in the first game are also discussed, with individuals or teams able to run trade routes and friends being able to work on a house and guilds being able to build entire towns.

The video is short in length, big on promise, and not exactly forthcoming with release timing quite yet, but there’s still some things to absorb that make the video below worth a look.

source: YouTube, thanks to Leiloni for the tip!
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