Elder Scrolls Online returns to Xbox Cloud Gaming


Elder Scrolls Online is one of the more accessible MMORPGs on the market, with multiple ways and platforms to play it. However, last February, the game was taken down from Xbox Cloud Gaming by ZeniMax due to “frequent player disconnects” and a “suboptimal experience.” The studio reported back then that it was working on a fix for these issues.

It might have taken a good chunk of the year, but ZeniMax got the job done and restored the game to Microsoft’s service: “After a brief hiatus, we are very happy to share that The Elder Scrolls Online is once again part of Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing you to play ESO anywhere you want to play. Xbox Cloud Gaming is available as part of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and can be experienced on a host of different devices.”

So if this was a method by which you played ESO, then welcome back to one of the most underrated MMOs on the market!

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