APB Reloaded welcomes the winter holidays, addresses ‘open letter’ from players


Even a crime-ridden city will take a break to allow some holiday cheer to trickle in, which is the case for APB Reloaded. A mugged Santa is encouraging players to engage in high-powered snowball fights, forcing people to accept Christmas cheer at gunpoint, and ordering around Nutcracker soldiers.

In other APB news, Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott acknowledged an open letter from the community about a series of concerns about the game’s development in the half-decade since the studio acquired it. The issues mentioned include cheating, toxicity, game balance, and stagnated development.

Scott encouraged the wider APB community to sound off on the letter’s various points and promised that he’d be responding to all of it soon: “Over the next week or two, I plan to go point by point through an open letter that many of you participated in creating […] I respect not only the effort that was involved in creating the letter, but also the way in which it was presented to me. Hopefully this will act as the springboard it was intended to create the dialog around each area that you guys asked about.” The team is planning an AMA and discussion with the community on Twitch Tuesday afternoon.

Source: APB Reloaded, 2. Thanks John!
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