Neverwinter invites you to comfort doggos during its fireworks-bedazzled Feast of Lanterns


If you’re not tired of bunnies invading MMOs – and really, I don’t think I ever will be, bunnies are great – then point your eyeballs at Neverwinter, where the Lunar New Year event known as the Feast of Lanterns is returning for the holiday.

There’s a freebie gift for logging in, fireworks, the traditional red-envelope quests, and even a quest to comfort virtual dogs upset over all the fireworks. One might wonder whether it wouldn’t be easier just to not set off the fireworks at all, but then you wouldn’t have video game quests for cute pups to do, now would you.

“It’s the Year of the Rabbit! Envoys from Shou and Kozakura have arrived at the invitation of Lord Neverember and are seeking to share their traditional New Year festivities with the citizens of Neverwinter!” Cryptic says. “Adventurers will have a chance to celebrate the lunar New Year and earn event currencies (Rabbit Coins and Lunar Coins) by helping out with the festival. In addition to Lunar Coin Packs containing event currencies, items such as hairstyles, the katana-wielding yojimbo companion, and previous year rewards are back in the Zen Market for a limited time during the festivities.”

The event begins on Thursday morning and runs through January 26th.

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