World of Tanks details its new clan battle-centered War Gods event arriving February 13


Players of World of Tanks are probably familiar with Clan Wars, the global map battle mode where clans vie to capture and hold provinces in 15v15 Tier X vehicle fights, but the upcoming War Gods event adds a few new layers to the familiar brawl, namely in the host of rewards that are on offer.

Top performers in the event will be up for earning several new tanks, with the spotlight prize being the new 116-F3, a heavy-hitting Tier X bruiser from China. In addition, there is a reward pool of 1.6M in in-game currency for the top clans and a bevy of goodies that players can spend earned personal fame points on like new skins, premium account time, crew members, and a variety of other resources.

For players who aren’t able to make it to any of the event’s leaderboards, there will be an opportunity to still bid on tank rewards like the 116-F3 via an auction house that opens at the end of the event. Access to this auction house is only available by crafting a permit in the Workshop, where players can also put together a couple of Tier VIII tanks and a module to increase shell resistance.

War Gods rumbles in to WOT between February 13th and February 27th. More details are on the website and in the video synopsis below.

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