Lord of the Rings Online brings back its Ill Omens event for February


The somewhat popular Ill Omens skirmish event is returning to Lord of the Rings Online this month with additional rewards. Thanks to today’s Update 34.2, the event will run from February 2nd through the 28th to offer players enough time to stock up on all of the tokens they desire.

Standing Stone Games made some additional changes for this iteration of Ill Omens. This includes binding tokens to account, including the Doom of Caras Gelebren skirmish, a better set of wrapper quest rewards, and the introduction of two new cosmetic pets.

The update also makes some minor tweaks to the Burglar and Lore-master, continues to fine-tune delvings, and allows for swift travel from Herne to Rivendell.

SSG announced that the fifth season of the legendary item reward track will commence on February 15th, so make sure you claim all of your fourth season rewards by then.

Source: LOTRO
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