Apex Legends adds limited-time team deathmatch, reworks classes, and marks four years on February 14


It’s a party in Apex Legends, and you’re invited to attend on Tuesday, February 14th. That’s when the battle royale’s Revelry season will begin with the headlining feature of team deathmatch. Which is kind of like a party in a very broad strokes sense.

The first three weeks of the new season will see team deathmatch as a primary feature. After that – specifically in early March – players can look forward to a permanent playlist of unique modes known as Mixtape, which rotates team deathmatch, gun run, and control modes on a regular basis. The Revelry season also marks Apex’s fourth anniversary, which is being celebrated with an anniversary collection event and some account-specific login freebies for the season’s opening two weeks.

Regular players probably will note that this new season doesn’t add a new character. Instead, the devs are reworking the class system, categorizing characters in one of five different classes while giving each class unique perks. This rebalancing will also mean that character buffs and ners are coming, with the devs calling out Lifeline, Seer, and Wraith specifically.

Finally, the new season will see an overhaul the new player experience, with improvements to the firing range, strafing and stats tracking for dummies, and a new Orientation Matches mode that primarily pits fresh faces against bots to help them learn Apex’s core mechanics. Players can keep an eye on the season’s landing page for more, read through a dev blog summary, and enjoy a new trailer below.

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