Warhaven director discusses changes to onboarding, mechanics, and matchmaking in new video


The 16v16 melee brawler Warhaven recently held a global open beta test, and now it’s time for the devs at Nexon to process the data and player feedback and make adjustments as necessary, which were discussed in a recent video with game director Eunseok Yi.

Many of the upcoming adjustments to the game include making it easier for new players to understand and acclimate to mechanics, reducing the amount of interactions required to complete match objectives, reducing collisions with allies and the environment, adding AI bots to help ease players into the title, and revamping the Onslaught game mode to make it easier and more fun. Yi also promises that there will be deeper combat mechanics to make Warhaven difficult to master and that matchmaking will be improved by refining initial matching while also making it easier for players to join mid-match.

The full video can be seen below, which additionally offers a breakdown of player stats like most kills, the most popular class, and the most popular game mode. For more with Warhaven’s director, make sure to check out our recent interview while you’re at it.

source: YouTube
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