Sandbox MMORPG Dragon and Home adds an NA server and begins mobile beta testing for Android


When last we peeked in on Dragon and Home, it was just entering its Steam launch, promising players on the platform a sandbox world of gathering, crafting, adventuring, and pastoral pursuits like farming and animal husbandry via the homelands feature. We’re circling back to this free-to-play game as there have been a couple of noteworthy updates.

First and foremost, the game now has an NA server available to players, which can be accessed from the server selection drop down menu at login. The devs at HIG have also started a beta test for an Android version of the MMO, which is currently openly available to Canada though access for players in other regions can be requested by way of a form.

Finally, the studio is planning on introducing a new desert zone this year, which promises to have a larger area to explore and more innovative gameplay systems for players to experience. The devs are also promising to further work on existing pain points related to finding resources and the beginner’s guide.

source: Steam
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