Nightingale wants to find a way to ‘wow’ you with its realms


While we all appreciate deep game systems, flexible features, and social engagement, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some surface-level eye candy in our online worlds as well. And it’s to this visual appreciation that the Nightingale team speaks in its latest studio dispatch.

The post teases some of the sights and descriptions from the various realms that are under development, including forest fantasy, celestial skylines, and caves of wonder. Environmental Artist Zach Rudin said that the goal is to impress and intrigue jaded gamers: “It’s all about giving the player a break from the moment-to-moment gameplay, and finding a way to wow them. We want to inspire awe, and leave them with questions, like ‘How did this get here?’, ‘How old is this?’, [and] ‘Who has been here before me?’”

And while it might not have quite the same level of prestige, the design of ore nodes is being given a lot of serious consideration to both blend into the game world and be “distinct and recognizable, but not repetitive” to the player.

Source: Nightingale
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