WoW Classic makes it tougher to roll a Death Knight thanks to ‘malicious behavior’

120K cheaters bite the dust, too

Here we go again.

Blizzard is rolling back one of its big changes that came with Wrath Classic, and Death Knight fans may not be too happy to hear what it is.

The studio said that it’s returning to the original restriction that required accounts to have a level 55 character before being able to roll the Death Knight hero class in Wrath Classic. This is because of “the proliferation of malicious behavior” from people apparently abusing the ability to create a high-level character.

“Now that the initial launch period has passed, we no longer wish to allow the unrestricted creation of Death Knights on brand new accounts,” the studio said. “It’s a tempting vector for malicious actors to use to get into the game and start exploiting very quickly.”

Alongside of this change, Blizzard banned 120,000 accounts from the entire World of Warcraft “ecosystem” that were wreaking havoc in both versions of the MMO.

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