WRUP: You failed your monster hunting test edition

That's different.

The Yeti
You wrote
: “The best weapon to fight the yeti is a flaming sword.”
Why you were wrong: The best weapon to use to fight the yeti is the hook shot.

The Wendigo
You wrote
: “Isn’t that kind of like a yeti?”
Why you were wrong: They’re nothing alike except that the best weapon to use to fight the wendigo is also the hook shot. They leave different trails and operate in different places. Is every cold part of the planet the same to you?

The Werewolf
You wrote: “The best weapon to fight the werewolf is the silver bullet.”
Why you were wrong: The best weapon to use to fight the werewolf is the hook shot. It’s always the hook shot. It is always going to be the hook shot. You stupid, dumb idiot who is bad at fighting monsters, you should always pick the hook shot. That’s why we give you the hook shot first.

The Yberterra
You wrote
: “This one isn’t real.”
Why you were wrong: If we cared about what was real you wouldn’t be talking about fighting monsters and I wouldn’t be aiming a hook shot at you. Idiot!

look sometimes you think a What Are You Playing topic is going to work and it just doesn't I'm sorry

Bonus question: What show have you never liked but know an awful lot about? A children’s show you were forced to watch, a sitcom you kept catching episodes of, or even just something your social group wouldn’t hush about?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): While I’ll go out for Slowpoke Community Day mostly for my community (and plans to celebrate with some shellfish afterward!), I’ll be hunting owls in Pokemon Violet’s new raids. Probably some Splatoon 3 if I can squeeze it in too.

Hmm, I feel like the bonus question is about Friends for me. I won’t lie, I laughed at stuff, but I never needed to watch it and still don’t.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Probably same as last week for me: I’m gonna dip into Lord of the Rings Online a bit, and I had a good time farting around in City of Heroes last weekend, so I’ll probably do it again. It’s doing that thing where I keep thinking about it randomly during the day, so that’s a good sign.

Caillou, oh my god, make it stop.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Some FFXIV and also a game I am reviewing that I literally cannot stop playing, I can’t say what it is but it’s good. Also probably some single-player stuff here and there.

I do not like The Witcher or Game of Thrones. People will not shut up to me about either franchise, I do not care, and I have never cared. Please stop talking at me about these shows. I do not wish to watch them and am not looking to be convinced.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): From a recommendation, sort of, from Tyler I’m going to check out Eternal. It looks like it could be fun and I’ve been playing so many card games that I should be versed enough to dive in deep. I’m also still playing Chained Echoes. It’s a long RPG so at my pace I’ve likely got another month left with it.

Bonus: The Big Bang Theory by a mile. I just never had an interest in watching a show that sort of made fun of but also reminded me of the kind of people I hadn’t around. I don’t know it didn’t click with me though. So I never watched it but everyone knows everything about Sheldon.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I got into the Diablo IV open/closed/early access/demo/preview beta… thing, so I’ll be playing that, if I can get past the queues. I also have a D&D session, and I bought Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons in a moment of weakness, so if I have any time to spare (big if) I’ll join some hero point trains to continue unlocking Willbender.

Bonus question: Doctor Who is a little too campy for my taste, but between having a lot of friends who are fans and general nerd culture osmosis, I’ve learned a fair bit about its lore.

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