Albion Online’s Albion East server is officially live today for F2P players with no region locking


And then there were two. Two Albion Online servers, that is.

Sandbox Interactive announced that its planned launch of a second Albion Online shard is now open for any and all to enjoy. Albion East released today to serve East Asia and Oceania thanks to hardware located in Singapore, while the older server has been renamed to Albion West. Prepurchase players have already been on the server since last week in a special headstart phase, but now it’s open to free-to-play players too.

While the primary focus of this new server is to expand Albion’s still-growing userbase into a new world region and provide better ping for players there, a secondary benefit is that Albion East presents a fresh start realm for those seeking it. Sandbox Interactive said that both East and West servers are not region-locked, which allows anyone to roll on either.

“Initially, Albion East will have a reduced world size relative to Albion West, in order to maintain competitiveness and density of players,” the studio said. “As the player base grows on this new server, it is anticipated that more regions will be opened up, and its development will be constantly observed in order to judge this process.”

Source: Press release, Albion Online
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