The Cycle Frontier readies third season with an in-game event and a balance update


Season 2 of The Cycle: Frontier is nearly done and Season 3 looms for its March 29th release, but before then the survival shooter has put together a special event and one last balance patch to see the current state of things off.

The event is called Storm Divers, which will see players dropped directly into strange storms that have been popping up across Fortuna. Electing to join in this storm diving effort will grant players the opportunity to craft any factional weapon normally locked behind reputation requirements, including legendary weapons and most of the epic and exotic gear, thanks to distinct materials found in these storm-riddled areas. Of course, players aren’t necessarily going in without some help, as they will have access to a night vision helmet, storm-protecting armor, and helpful mods and consumables.

The Cycle also saw a small patch come out last week, the last one for Season 2; it brought on some balancing for big meta weapons to make them feel less oppressive, as well as some general updates and bug fixes.

sources: press release, official site
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