Star Wars: The Old Republic punches PvP Season 2 into next week’s navcomputer


Following the first PvP season that itself came after a revamp of competitive scene, Star Wars: The Old Republic is pulling the trigger on Season 2 this coming March 28th.

The second season, called Piercing the Veil, is shaking things up a tad. BioWare said that it’s changing how attacker and defender medals are awarded in order to encourage players to actually strive to accomplish objectives. It’s initially rolling out these adjustments on the Alderaan map with others to come later.

By participating in the weekly challenges, players can earn new cosmetic sets and housing decor.

The theme of the season sounds pretty fun, too: “Behind the scenes, dark forces are pulling strings and twisting the competition into a recruitment tool for an organization of assassins. Are competitors fighting for glory and prizes, or are they fighting for their lives?”

Source: SWTOR
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