Albion Online East server suffers a series of technical mishaps upending invasion mechanics


Last week, Albion Online’s newly released Albion East server started causing problems for Albion West, with instability and crashes affecting players of the sandbox that soon bled to East servers as the population shifted over. This past weekend didn’t appear to go much better, as Albion East started suffering from another series of technical issues.

The problems started early Saturday morning, with the server going down just before 10:00 a.m. EDT. Early estimates had downtime lasting no longer than 15 minutes, but that estimate was soon updated to about 30 minutes. After a restart, the East server came back online. Unfortunately, it appears that the server hiccup caused the second invasion timer to break, leading to territories becoming claimable without a fight. Sandbox Interactive promises that it will “assess the situation to find a solution.”

Yesterday, the East server suffered another crash, though this time around the server downtime was only roughly 15 minutes. As of yesterday morning, the East server appeared to have been stabilized, but it was offline this morning once again.

In other Albion news, the game has begun putting out a tutorial series for its various weapons, starting off with the battleaxe. The guide is written for beginner to intermediate-level players, and provides details about equipment, skills, pros and cons, and a suggested playstyle.

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