PSO2 New Genesis brings more story, solo boss duels, a second anniversary, and the Slayer class in April


The month of April will be here before you know it, and when it arrives, it will introduce another monthly content update to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. The game’s newest Headline video offered up trailers and previews of just what players can expect, including story content, more quests, and the Slayer.

The updates start on April 5th with the fifth chapter of the game’s main story, which involves the disappearance of Manon, a floating island, and a promised reveal of the secrets of Halpha. In addition, there will be richer rewards for completing dailies, weeklies, and side tasks; the potential for seven and eight-star weapons to be upgraded to level five; and a number of quality-of-life features.

On April 12th, the gunblade-wielding Slayer class will make its debut, with swift melee and short-range attacks that can also changed with directional inputs. This portion of April’s update also adds crit rate adjustments for all classes, though that will affect only certain skills.

The second anniversary of NGS will be the headliner for April 19th’s patch, which launches another event full of seasonal enemies, player-designed Rappies, limited-time tasks, and a Happy Rappy Rumble urgent quest that pits players against 300 enemies and a final boss.

Another major piece of the update is the addition of duel quests, which pit solo players against powerful boss enemies and cut off revivals if players take more than five minutes. Players can get augment capsules to give them an edge in these quests, while special rewards await those who complete all four quests.

Finally, April 26th will add the last portion of the second anniversary celebration, featuring a 24-player limited-time quest against two powerful bosses and more limited-time tasks to take on.

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