Black Desert revamps the trading lifeskill for its console edition


The virtual economy is the lifeblood of sandboxes like Black Desert, so when Pearl Abyss puts a trading skill revamp front and center in a console patch, we can assume that the change will ripple out to affect the game entire.

With the patch, players now can only buy and sell at certain designated places in the world, be limited to 50 trade items, and will have to contend with a market that automatically adjusts every four hours. Pearl Abyss said that this is “just the start” of the trading revamp, with maritime sales tweaking on the way.

The studio hopes that this will make trading a more dynamic experience: “In addition, a ‘special fluctuation’ will occur throughout the entire territory, where trade item prices will change significantly at fixed times. Information on these fluctuations can be gathered through ‘rumors’ from residents in each territory, which can somewhat help in predicting these changes in advance.”

Source: Black Desert
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