Mad World continues to be MIA on Steam as it addresses cash shop currency and NA server woes


We’re continuing to keep an eye on Mad World, which had a stuttering start at launch and an equally bumpy early bird release. The launch week woes appear to continue on, with the bigger headline being its continued disappearance on Steam.

Readers will remember that the grimdark ARPG was scheduled to make its launch on the Steam platform on the same day it was arriving to everyone, but the Steam page continues to mark a launch window of Soon™, while the game’s developer Jandisoft has been mum on the issue on Twitter, Discord, and the MMO’s official site at the time of this writing.

Regardless, the game’s site has been continuing to churn out other news tidbits. More specifically, the game fixed a connection issue with its NA server yesterday and handed out cash shop currency to buyers who didn’t receive their MCASH despite paying for it. Meanwhile, the devs are continuing to target founders pack item issues and its known issues list now includes disappearing quest items, boss monsters not dropping loot, and problems with equipment stats.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Steam, Discord, Twitter
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