APB Reloaded celebrates five years since acquisition by Little Orbit


APB Reloaded has had one hell of a run. True story, when it launched as All-Points Bulletin in 2010, it was one of the first big launches I helped cover in my then-new job as an editor at Massively, so I have a weird sense of fondness for it. It was also one of the first big sunsets I helped cover when its original developr, Realtime Worlds, capsized just a few months later, and the game was bought out and relaunched as APB Reloaded, where it – let’s be honest – malingered up until it was again bought out by Little Orbit. And when was that? Exactly five years ago, as Little Orbit is pleased to remind us in its anniversary address this weekend.

“Five years ago, APB: Reloaded entered a new era with Little Orbit,” the studio says. “We have embraced the challenge and the possibilities of this promising title, and we are now, perhaps more than ever, inspired to keep improving it and see it thrive! With a lot of progress made recently, we felt like there is an especially good reason to mark the APB: Reloaded Acquisition Anniversary this year.”

“Little Orbit Day,” as the studio is calling it, begins May 11th; players can expect a sale, of course, as well as an update to the launcher, in-game events, minigame loot boosts, the overhauled Beacon “Fight Club” arena, login titles, and more. Happy birthday, APB!

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