Bungie’s Carrie Gouskos shares the sad story of Warhammer Online’s odd MOBA spin-off

"'My big crime is I didn’t succeed"


Those faithful Warhammer Online veterans in our audience will no doubt recall the name Carrie Gouskos. Gouskos, who’s currently working as an executive producer on a Bungie project, took to Twitter to share a look back at the time that Mythic whipped up a MOBA called Wrath of Heroes from the MMO’s assets.

“When I took over Warhammer Online, the team had already shrunk a lot,” Gouskos said. “We tried to be creative, but players wanted big expansions. And we weren’t getting the [money] to do it. So I was asked to take some devs and make a new game out of WAR assets and engine, and do it in nine months. DOTA and LoL were huge so we were challenged to make a MOBA using only recycled resources with a tiny team again… in nine months.”

It’s a story with a sad ending: “And when I tell you those nine months were among the hardest and most informative informative of my career. I came out the other side in love with what the team accomplished. The players… not so much. It never took off, sadly, but I feel like maybe it could have, even if we didn’t give ourselves enough time, money, people to achieve more success.”

Gouskos praised the team and vented about how the players piled on her for supposedly killing WAR to fund a “pet” game.

“I was trying to save jobs and make a game people loved,” she said. “My big crime is I didn’t succeed.”

Source: Twitter
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