Mad World welcomes players into Act 5 as Steam release is still MIA


It’s been a truly sloppy launch for the grimdark Mad World, with a not-quite-finished product pushed live at the end of April. Developer Jandisoft has been racing to address issues such as purchased currency not showing up, missing founder’s pack items, and plenty of bugs littering things up while also apologizing to the community for “making so many big mistakes in the beginning.”

It may be a mixed blessing that the title still isn’t out on Steam, two weeks later, as that’s holding back player reviews on the platform. On Discord, Jandisoft admitted that it dropped the ball on this: “Steam was scheduled to be released on April 27th along with the release of the game. Mad World was supposed to be released alongside it, but the release did not take place as planned. We are updating you on Steam’s inspection process since it took longer than expected. Our schedules are difficult to describe, so please accept our apologies. Upon confirmation of the inspection schedule, we will send you additional notices as soon as possible.”

The good news is that new content is flowing into players’ laps with the release of Act 5. This chapter involves investigating the Broken Shore, Gazer’s Crossroads, and Evergreen Forest. But be warned: “If you step your foot in that forest… you will die! And if you manage to come back alive… you will eventually end your own life!”

Happy times indeed.

Source: Discord, Mad World, 2
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