Elite Dangerous Update 15 goes live today – here are the patch notes

Bad people.

The time has come for another update to Elite: Dangerous. The 15th update, to be specific, as the Live 4.0/Odyssey edition of the spacefaring sandbox has come down for maintenance as scheduled and put forth the patch notes for players to read.

The highlighted features for Update 15 that Frontier Developments previewed previously include a new on-foot mission to stealthily re-power settlements under Thargoid control, a new Thargoid pulse neutralizer module that lets players fly deeper into maelstroms, and some new Thargoid enemies to take on in the form of the Thargoid Revenant and Thargoid Glaive.

The majority of the patch otherwise introduces a long lineup of fixes for reactivation missions, teammate navlock problems, Thargoid AI behavior, and server-side errors. The game’s UI has also gotten a number of quality-of-life adjustments that stacks multiple fleet carriers on the system map, shows fleet carriers as a point of interest (which therefore lets players know what services a carrier has), shuffles planet data on the right side of the system map into more “sensical” locations, and adds a consumables list addition to the suit loadout panel, among many other features.

The game’s servers are scheduled to go live at 10:00 a.m. EDT today, but players will likely want to keep an eye on social media and the forums for any delays or updates.

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