Star Trek Online’s Unraveled is live for PC players with new episode and TFO

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As promised, Star Trek Online’s Unraveled launches today – for PC players, that is. The season picks up where Terran Gambit left off, brings Kipleigh Brown back as Admiral Kuumaarke, and introduces the new Wish Upon a Star episode, Leviathan TFO, and two new patrols.

“Following events from the conclusion of the Mirror Universe story arc, Terran Gambit, your Captain will embark on a humanitarian scientific mission with Admiral Kuumaarke to stabilize the Na’kuhl sun,” Cryptic says. “However, this mission is interrupted by a discovery: a transdimensional Reality Vortex is disrupting space-time throughout the Multiverse. A conflict ensues with the Tholians, who reveal that constant use of time and dimensional travel has caused these vortices – and your Captain is partly to blame.”

As usual, console players will be waiting a few more weeks for their crack at the update. New trailer for Unraveled ahoy!

Source: Press release
The studio also apologized for miscommunication regarding its cash-shop update.

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