Tower of Fantasy previews its new item augmentation system arriving in tomorrow’s Sound of the Sea update


Are you prepared for even more equipment boosting than there already is in Tower of Fantasy? Whether you answered in the affirmative or negative, a new such system is coming with tomorrow’s Sound of the Sea update to let players augment their items and ramp up their power.

To have access to this new augmentation system, characters will need to first be at level 80 and have their desired item up to five stars. After that, it’s a matter of using materials and gold to augment items, which will boost base stats at the first augmentation, improve four random stats with each augmentation, and unlock two extra augmentation stats on top, though repeated attempts come with a chance for certain values to go down.

Once an item has been augmented enough times, it has a chance to transform into titan equipment, which applies a rare affix that can provide benefits like lifesteal, damage boosts, or increases in HP and defense.

Finally, players will get the option to transfer the stat boosts from one item to the other, though it works only for items of the same type and if the newly found piece of equipment is five-star from the jump. The whole system sounds extremely crunchy, so invested players will likely want to read through the full details.

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